Improve presentation skills in our inclusive group. Learn techniques to reduce anxiety and deliver impactful presentations.

Presentation Skills Workshop

Save the date for our upcoming support group session, scheduled for the 1st of June at Leonardo’s Hotel (formerly known as Jury’s Inn). This session will focus specifically on honing presentation skills, while addressing how to effectively manage anxiety and maintain focus during your presentations.

We understand that giving presentations can be a daunting task for individuals with stutters. However, through this session, our aim is to provide you with practical techniques and strategies to alleviate anxiety and enhance your overall presentation experience. Our nurturing environment ensures that we cater to everyone’s unique needs, fostering an atmosphere where we can learn from one another’s experiences and grow together.

Join us on the 1st of June at Leonardo’s Hotel, and learn about some of the tools and gain the confidence needed to deliver compelling presentations, regardless of a stammers.