A list of the most commonly asked questions regarding stammering and Scottish Stammering Network

No – one of our key points within the SSN is to make all our events a safe environment for everyone who attends.  No-one is ever expected to speak nor to take part in any workshop or activity.  You can contribute as much or as little as you want.

We normally begin by having a check-in about how everyone has been since the last meeting.  You are free to talk about whatever has affected you or to just listen to others.  There may be a certain topic or activity that the host will have planned for the group.

No – the host of the group will greet you as soon as possible after you arrive.  You only need to tell them your name and then the host will introduce you to the others.

The host will try to keep an eye on the general feeling and mood of others at the meeting and, if they can see someone is becoming visibly upset, will try to offer support or steer the conversation in another way.

It is impossible to say how each person will react the first time they are around other people who stammer but many report that it is a relief to finally be around others who “just get it”.

No – all open days and meetings are free to attend.  Some events, for example ‘Walk and Talk’ do incur a fee but these only cover the costs of the event, and the price is clearly communicated when the event is advertised.