Supporting under 16s who stammer

NEXT MEETING – SATURDAY 13th MARCH 2021 (10-11am)

Dr George McGavin will be joining the Scottish Stammering Networks next Young Persons Support Group on Saturday 13th March 2021 (10-11am), where he will give a talk about his life growing up with a stammer and his exciting work with creepy crawlies and the natural world.  There will be a chance for questions from the Young People too. 

Dr George McGavin is one of the UK’s foremost Entomologists and leading expert on the natural world.  He is also a respected author, presenter, academic, explorer and speaker on all things bug related.  He is also a person who sometimes stammers. 

Please email Cheryl direct ( for the meeting link.

Alasdair, Cheryl, and George, are looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday 13th March 2021.