Read on to find out more about our new look and website

The Scottish Stammering Network is delighted to announce the launch of our brand-new website and a fresh new look for the charity today.

The new website contains a vast array of information – from guest blogs and information about our upcoming support group meetings to resources and advice on stammering. The website will serve as a focal point for the stammering community in Scotland and an important resource for anyone looking for information about stammering.

The branding has given the charity a vibrant new look and a clear identity as Scotland’s national charity for stammering.

James Stewart, Chairperson of the Scottish Stammering Network commented:

“I’m delighted with our new Scottish Stammering Network website and fresh look. It really showcases everything that the Scottish Stammering Network is about and is an important step in us achieving our vision – to create a Scotland where stammering is widely understood and in which people who stammer are encouraged to participate fully in every aspect of Scottish life.

The guest blog section of the website is particularly important to give a voice to the stammering community in Scotland and beyond.

To get to this stage has only been possible with the hard work of our dedicated committee members over the past 6 months, who have supplied all content and taken the key decisions to get us to where we are now.

The charity has a bright future ahead of it.

I want to acknowledge and thank Cole AD who have done a great job in building the website and branding.”

So have a look around and take in all of our new content. We are so excited about this new chapter in our history as we to continue to grow our network and stammering community in Scotland.