Supporting People who Stammer

This meeting will be hosted by John Mann with special guest Paul Brocklehurst.

Paul is an experimental psychologist and also a person who stammers. For many years he has been an active member of the stammering self-help community and has a particular interest in the potential roles that mindfulness and meditation can play in helping people manage their stammering. He is best known for his research at the University of Edinburgh into the relationships between stammering, speech-errors, and perfectionism.

For the past four years he’s been working on a book in which he describes in detail his personal stammering journey and the research he was involved in. This summer, the book, entitled “The Perfect Stutter” was finally completed and published. In his presentation he is going to discuss some of his research and his reasons for finally deciding to write the book.

All welcome to attend the meeting.

The Zoom link for the meeting is sent through our mailing list. If you are not on the mailing list and would like the Zoom link, please get in touch.