Raising Funds and Awareness for the Scottish Stammering Network - Story of Luiza and Isabella

Sisters Luiza (8) and Isabella (6) Henderson Jasharaj, took part in their first charity event for the Kiltwalk to raise money for the Scottish Stammering Network. They raised £915 by completing 11 laps cycling around Rouken Glen Park.

Luiza who will be 9 years old this year, has been receiving speech therapy since she was about 4 years old. Through a recent assessment by the Michael Palin Centre for Stammering, she was described as ‘remarkable’ with her stammer not affecting her confidence or holding her back in school or activities like drama, dancing, Brownies and swimming. Just before Christmas, Luiza prepared and led a PowerPoint presentation with her friends to her school class about her stammering and to raise awareness about stammering.

Luiza had been wanting to do a charity event for a while and her little sister Isabella was very happy to support her in this with them training hard together.

Luiza and Isabella’s mum, Natalie Henderson Jasharaj said “We are so proud of Luiza and Isabella and we all are still learning and gaining knowledge about stammering. Luiza is such a confident and happy girl – she is such an inspiration to us all.”

James Stewart, Chairperson of the Scottish Stammering Network said “The awareness raising and fundraising that Luiza and Isabella have done is fantastic. They are a true inspiration to others. It is so heartening to hear about the way that Luiza is not being held back in life by her stammer. Preparing a presentation for your school class to raise awareness about stammering and then raising funds to help others shows that she is true role model to others. The funds raised will be used to support people who stammer and those affected by it through our support groups, workshops and awareness raising activities.”

If you would like to raise funds and awareness for the Scottish Stammering Network, just like Luiza and Isabella, check out our fundraising section here.