Changing mindset around living with a stammer

Blog #1 – Cheryl King

(All ideas, opinions, & techniques expressed in this blog are my own and not necessarily endorsed by the Scottish Stammering Network.)

How did the one thing that caused me so much pain growing up, turn into something that I am now passionate about? 

In 2020 there was plenty free time to ponder life and where I am going in it.  The year of Covid-19 was a hard, strange year for many people.  I spent most of it navigating my way through old memories of growing up with a stammer.  Life was often very tricky and hard.  These memories have no doubt left an indelible mark on my mind and the way that I deal with my stammer.  I’ve done a lot of growing as a person in 2020 and I have come to many new decisions about how my life will be going forward. 

I have decided to write a blog about it for a few weeks with my new ways of thinking and believing, and I hope that some people who (hopefully!!!) read this blog will take bits of this on board and perhaps make changes to their own lives or ways of thinking.

Today is the 10th January 2021 and already the world is just a little bit crazier than it was at the end of 2020!  America is again in turmoil and we now have new strains of Covid-19 – oh my when will this all end and we can get back to some semblance of normal?


I have been on annual leave from work this week and spent a fair bit of it sleeping!  I have no idea why I was so tired – but it has been very restorative.  During this time off I have spent considerable time (while not sleeping!!!) thinking about my life goals. 

One of my Christmas gifts was a Law of Attraction Planner and I am certainly going to use this to its full advantage!  But … thinking of 50, yes 50, life goals is no easy feat!  These goals are supposed to be BIG for example have £50 million in the bank within 5 years, own a huge beach house within 10 years, vacation 12 times per year!! I am not kidding! This however is just not me – I am more than happy with £1 million in the bank within 3 years and a decent sized beach house!  My life goals count is currently at 32 – so only 18 to go. 


For the life goals that I have already recorded, gaining speech control is one of the most important, and I want to achieve this within one year.  I know that, certainly for me, mindset is vitally important in achieving this.  My dad managed to extend his terminal illness 3 month life expectancy by 18 months by his positive mindset, so if he can do this with something as horrible as cancer, I can surely do it with my speech, right?!


Since reading The Secret a few years ago, my mindset has changed to some extent.  In the past my thoughts were always negative, and I always felt so … yeuch.  But I now realise that our thoughts are what make us. If you constantly think negative thoughts you will always get things in life that will create more negativity.  I am no longer Negative Nelly but more Positive Polly!


How will I achieve my speech control?  Talking is the only way to do this.  As I have been on The Starfish Project. I have an endless amount of people to call.  My Starfish family are always there to offer support. Virtual hugs on bad days, and virtual back slaps and high fives on good days.  I am planning on making 20 phone calls per month – look out Starfish family!!!  I am also a Toastmaster with I think I have 5 speeches still to present.  However, I am going to push my comfort zones again! I plan on joining other Toastmasters groups around the world to present the remaining speeches.  My first exotic destination that I am zooming in to is … Stirling (!!!) on Monday 11th January – I will feedback how it went on my next blog post.

Until next time – how can you push your comfort zones?  Give it a try and see what you can achieve. Or at the very least – read or watch The Secret, I recommend everyone reads this book/watches the film.  It certainly changed my life!

Don’t let your stammer control you – learn to control it!